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Application and admission

Dear student!

We thank you for choosing our university and coming here for the purpose of studying. We will try to make your stay in Irkutsk the most unforgettable and cheerful period of your life.

The international relations office staff of Irkutsk SAU wishes you successful studying and interesting creative student life. We are ready to help you with the rapid adaptation process in our wonderful country, as well as to provide you with any assistance within the Russian legislation.

Please believe that every person coming to our university for the purpose of studying is of unique value for us. We do not want the unfortunate negligence of the Russian laws to spoil your impression about our hospitable country. Therefore we kindly ask you to read carefully our recommendations and to keep them in mind.

Entry into the Russian Federation and initial migration registration for international students who visit Russia and have a visa

To enter the Russian Federation you will need to submit a valid identity document which is acknowledged as such by our country (usually a passport), and a visa. The purpose of your visit (study) must comply with the type of visa granted to you. The international office deals only with student visas based on the invitations from the university.

You should be offered a migration card form while crossing the Russian Federation state border.

All foreigners entering our country are subject to the migration registration. We will not be in position to ensure your migration registration if you do not submit your migration card with the mark of the passport control officer stating your crossing over the Russian Federation state border.

Upon your arrival at the University you must immediately, within one working day, visit the international relations office of ISAU (Molodezhny settlement, main building,  office  № 402) and submit all the documents required for the initial migration registration: passport with visa, migration card, 2 photos 3x4 cm.

Upon completion of the migration registration you may stay in the Russian Federation as long as your single-entry visa is valid. For you to be able to continue studying you should extend the period of your stay before the expiration of your visa and obtain a multiple-entry visa a month before the expiration of the previous one. The information about how to do it is given in the following section.

If you do not have any reasons for extending the period of your stay (tuition contract) you must leave the Russian Federation upon the expiration of the authorized period of stay.

NB! If you leave the Russian Federation without a multiple-entry visa you may re-enter Russia only with the new single-entry visa.


Exit from the Russian Federation and re-entry

If you have a multiple-entry visa and leave the Russian Federation, then upon your return to Russia (e.g. after vacations) you should immediately, within one working day, visit the international department of the institute and submit all the documents (passport, visa, migration card, registration) required for the migration registration for the previous time period.

Changing the field of study, expulsion, sabbatical leave

We hope that this will never happen but if you were however expelled from the university for failed exams, violation of contract terms or for any other reasons then you must leave for your home country. You will be able to come back for studying provided that you have a new invitation and a new visa.

If you take the sabbatical leave you must also leave for your home country and come back with a new invitation and new visa.

Loss of any document

If your passport was lost or stolen, first you should address the police department and get an official note certifying the loss of the documents. After that the Embassy of your country will prepare the new passport.

Upon the reception of the new passport you must immediately, within one working day to submit it to the international relations office of ISAU along with the documents required for the further procurement of visa and new notice form of  foreign citizen arrival.

If your arrival notice form and/or migration card were lost or stolen, you should address the international relations office of ISAU as soon as possible. The employee will help you to obtain the new documents.

Responsibility for violation of entry and stay regulations

If you came to Russia having violated the procedure of crossing the state border of the Russian Federation; were not registered in time at the place of your residence; did not leave upon the expiration of the authorized period of stay in the Russian Federation; are employed illegally; provided incorrect or false information about yourself during migration registration, then as per article 25.10 of Federal law № 114-FZ dated 15.08.1996 "On the procedure for exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation", your stay is illegal and you are personally liable.