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University mission

Irkutsk state agrarian university named after A.A. Ezhevsky is one of the largest educational institutions among the agrarian universities and academies of the Russian Federation. The University has the license for educational and scientific activities.

The University aims at the development of education and science by means of:

  • educational programs of primary vocational education, vocational education, higher education, postgraduate and additional professional education on a wide range of training courses;
  • implementation of training, retraining of specialists, scientific and pedagogical workers, highly skilled specialists;
  • realization of fundamental and applied research, technological and innovative activities, including education issues.

The main objectives of the University are:

  • to meet the needs of individuals in the intellectual, cultural and moral development through the professional education;
  • to meet the needs of society and the state for the qualified specialists and scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualifications in agriculture;
  • to organize and conduct the basic and applied scientific research and other scientific and technical development work;
  • to develop science and technology through research and creative activity of scientific-pedagogical staff and students, using the results obtained in the educational process;
  • to form the students' position of citizen, ability to work and to live under current conditions.